Top 10 List of Things to Know About California’s Wage & Hour Laws

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Jim Brown and Marc Koonin of the California Employment Law Letter offer a useful Top 10 list of “Need to Knows” about California wage & hour laws:

  1. Know California’s daily and weekly overtime rates for various hours worked;
  2. Overtime requirements apply to almost all types of wages, not just hourly wages or salaries;
  3. You must compensate employees for all hours you “suffer or permit” them to work;
  4. Be familiar with the specific “wage order” that applies to your workforce;
  5. Just because an employee is exempt as an executive, administrative, or professional employee under federal law, it doesn’t make him exempt under California law;
  6. Vacation pay (including floating holidays and paid time off) constitutes wages under California law;
  7. Provide sufficient rest and meal periods and accurately record employee meal periods;
  8. Employers are limited with regard to the types of deductions they can make against an employee’s wages;
  9. Pay nonexempt employees at least semimonthly under the requirements of the California Labor Code;
  10. Pay your employees in an authorized manner and provide them with proper itemized wage statements:
    • the employer’s name and address;
    • the employee’s name and only the last four digits of her social security number;
    • the inclusive dates for which the employee is being paid;
    • the gross wages earned;
    • the net wages earned;
    • the total hours worked for nonexempt employees;
    • for employees paid on a piece-rate basis, the applicable piece rate and units earned;
    • all applicable hourly rates; and
    • all deductions.

You can read the article here.


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